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Highlights from Monica's Pages

Home Page  :  A good place to find out information about her
The Abyss : A book, music and video store store filled with all the things they like
Babylon 5  :  Everything about my favorite TV show
Jeremiah  :  Everything about my 2nd favorite TV show
JMS Comics  :  Our section dedicated to the comic book works of J. Michael Straczynski
Bananamania  :  An unofficial Banana Yoshimoto page with information about her books
Warm Fuzzy Greetings  :  Send a warm fuzzy to someone you care about
Sadie's Doghouse  :  A web site dedicated to our wonderful beagle dog

Highlights from Fredrik's Pages

Home Page  :  Visit his home page for even more things that he has done
Plugger  :  A multi-media plug-in for UNIX Netscape
x2vnc  :  A dual screen hack for xwindows & win95/win98/winNT
Silent PC Guide  :  A guide on how to make your computer quieter
Programming Books  :  Reviews of recommended programming books
Favorite Books  :  Reviews of his favorite books
Favorite Games  :  Reviews of his favorite First Person Shooter games

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