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You may have noticed that we have our own domain! You may want to find out more about our domain, like why we named it hubbe.net and what kind of computers and software that we use. It has been a long and tedious process to re-organize and re-code our numerous web pages. (OK, so they are mostly Monica's!) Please excuse any rough spots you may encounter. As always, we encourage and welcome your feedback to help us make improvements. For a listing of all the pages here at hubbe.net, with modification times and number of accesses, take a look at our Site Index.

Another new feature is a link at the bottom of each page that Monica calls 'true source code'. It shows the actual HTML that is written before it is interpreted by the web server. It is her hope that people will find this feature useful and helpful in learning more about HTML and RXML.

Generally, we each have our own projects that we work on -- Monica handles most of the HTML / RXML coding, design and graphics work while Fredrik takes care of most of the hard core programming. One major project that we are both working on jointly, is YumeMUD. It still needs quite a lot of work, but you are more than welcome to take a look!

Highlights of
Monica's Stuff

Webstuff @ hubbe.net - some examples of stuff she has done on the web
The Abyss - a book and music store full of stuff Fredrik and Monica like
Babylon 5  -  a great collection of everything that we could find about our favorite TV show
Monica's Bananamania  -  an unofficial Banana Yoshimoto page with tons of information about her books
CD Collection  -  a listing of all of her CD's that she was crazy enough to put online
Warm Fuzzy Page  -  send a warm fuzzy to someone you care about!
Sadie's Doghouse  -  a web site dedicated to our wonderful beagle dog
Toad the Wet Sprocket  -  a bunch of info and miscellaneous stuff about her favorite band
My Home Page  -  visit her home page for even more web goodies to check out
Highlights of
Fredrik's Stuff

Plugger  -  a multi-media plug-in for UNIX Netscape
x2vnc  -  a dual screen hack for xwindows & win95/win98/winNT
Pike  -  his very own kick @$$ programming language
Silent PC Guide  -  a guide to how to make your computer quieter
Programming Books  -  reviews of recommended programming books and if you like them, buy them!
Favorite Books  -  reviews of his favorite books and if you like them, buy them!
Game Cheats and Solutions  -  for lots of popular games (now kind of out dated)
My Home Page  -  visit his home page for even more things that he has done

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